Stefano Caletti is an internationally-experienced professional Nature and Wildlife photographer and explorer.
He is a Communication Specialist and a Colour Strategist.
He has been studying and practicing photography for over 20 years.

Stefano has achieved a B.A. 110/110 cum laude in Science popularization and a M.A. 110/110 cum laude in Colour symbology.

He has obtained specializations and insights in Communication and Language Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind, Intercultural Communication, Physiology of Behaviour and Behavioural Neuroscience, Linguistic Anthropology, Online Consumer Psychology and Consumer Behaviour, Neurobiology of Language, Colour Symbology and Aesthetics, as well as numerous studies on Colour, Light and Human perception, often applying this knowledge to Neuromarketing and Communication Marketing oriented to the world of Business and Advertising communication. He attended in-depth courses in Ethology, Animal Physiology, Zoology, Botanical Physiology, Ecology, Physical Geography and the Environment.

Stefano has visited numerous countries around the world and he is a tireless traveler and explorer.

His passion for Nature photography appeared very early and since then he loves to capture the extraordinary beauty of our Natural world.
Each shot contains all the emotion and the desire to protect the environment, communicating the importance of its defense.

Stefano is a member of TAU Visual® – Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Professionisti – National Association of Professional Photographers – Italy and of A.I.F.® Associazione Italiana Fotografi.

He is also a member and a supporter of WWF® Italia, LIPU® – Lega italiana protezione uccelli, Legambiente® and many others International Non-profit associations for the protection of the Environment, Wildlife and Nature.
Stefano is a Pentax® lover and uses a wide range of equipment, suitable for landscapes, macro photography and long telephoto lenses, useful for wildlife.

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